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What about long-term hearing batteries?

Most brands of batteries for hearing aids put forward in their advertisements longevity or duration of their extra-long battery hearing.

These batteries hearing vendors choose to put forward a quality that is highly sought.
Anyone appareillée search this comfort and reduces the risk of ending up in a conversation over batteries and therefore without his hearing aid.
But very few people know how to verify this information and most of us buy these batteries long-term hearing without knowing their effectiveness.

Often the buyer of long duration batteries are disappointed because we must know that a variable of the longevity of these batteries is the energy needed to power your hearing aid.

For example, a person in need of a strong amplification will see the life of its batteries hearing reduced compared to a person who has less powerful hearing aid that therefore require less energy

Therefore, instead of relying on the slogan should check the specifications of the batteries you buy hearing aids.

The number of mAh that actually shows more closely the life of batteries hearing aids.

For example, a battery of 90 mAh hearing will last less time than hearing 100mAh battery.

Another very important is the curve of the battery discharge hearing, if it drops to 80% after 10h (for example) the hearing will consider the battery as low as she remains in power.

It is therefore very important that the battery hearing diffuse energy in a linear fashion over 80% and ended abruptly (in 5-10 minutes) it will mean that the battery performs well are contract of long-term distribution.

Check the technical specifications of our batteries hearing: